About AVN

AVN is a dynamic French company located in West Lyon area in the 1980s. With over 35 years of experience and engineering know-how, AVN provides complementary solutions with 4 departments : transitics, engineering process, air handling and maintenance.

Our strenght is our adaptation policy and our tailored services responding to your particular expectations :

- Advice and system design
- Construction, integration and set-up
- Automatism and electro-mechanicals
- Maintenance

  •  AVN transitics department is aimed at logisitics, express delivery transport and airports. We offer the best suitable solutions in conveying and handling individual loads or loose bulk products. We can offer complete turnkey systems for sorting and weighing parcels and luggage. 
  •  AVN process lines department designs and makes automatic and semi-automatic  packaging, dosing, and sealing machines for food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.
  •  AVN HVAC department is specialized in air handling installations, clean rooms, laminar air flow for safe and clean air requirements (hospitals, pharma laboratories, electronics,...)

AVN combines intelligent and flexible solutions based on our highly qualified teams, in order to closely perform our customers'specific needs. Experienced in managing complex projects and delivering turnkey installations, we give you support in each step of the project from installation, commissioning, tests and controls to training and maintenance.

Indeed, AVN provides ongoing maintenance program and repair services through ACTIVAL our dedicated maintenance department, created in 2005.

AVN is also an export-oriented firm, developing business markets in North Africa, West Africa and Eastern Europe.


Notre société basée sur l’Ouest lyonnais, spécialisée dans les domaines de la transitique et du conditionnement, recherche pour compléter son équipe un chargé d’affaires ayant de solides connaissances en ligne de convoyage.

RECRUITEMENT : Please check our job vacanciesmore...RECRUITEMENT : Please check our job vacancies

To reinforce our staff, we are looking for :  1 Industrial fitter mechanic (M/F)  1 Industrial maintenance project manager(M/F) 1  Automation /Electrical project manager (M/F) 1 Metal worker specialist (M/F) Please check our job offers and apply on line in our page "Jobs & carriers"

A new automated sorting system for MONDIAL RELAYmore...A new automated sorting system for MONDIAL RELAY

AVascaN® is now integrated in Mondial Relay 's sorting facilities ; AVascaN®, our latest-generation of automated machines can meet your requirements in intelligent parcel sorting and configurations...